Hoarding “Nuts”


Yes, you read that page title right.  LOL  Much like a real squirrel will store up their food for the winter for later use.  “Hoarding Nuts”…. simply referring to stockpiling. I am a firm believer in the fine art of stockpiling.   Yes I said stockpiling, not hoarding and even though I called this page “hoarding nuts”, there is a BIG difference between a hoarder and a stockpiler.  With that said, let’s break it down….

Hoarding is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary.

A Stockpile is a supply stored for future use, usually carefully accrued and maintained.

So…. see the difference?  Shopping sales and using coupons to get multiple of items that you and your family use, then organizing and rotating by date to ensure they get used and not wasted is NOT hoarding it’s maintaining a useful supply of food and items for your family.  Just had to clarify that.  😉

I figured that since this blog is gonna be all about budgeting and saving, I felt it appropriate to show you pictures of my beautiful stockpile.  Honestly, I am quite proud of this stockpile.  And “why” you may ask that I’m proud of it?  Well, 3 years ago on December 16, 2007, my family and I had been out Christmas shopping and when we came home, we found our 14×70 trailer flooded from a toilet line that had busted from a surge in the water pressure.  Our home and everything we owned was a total loss, including my <then> stockpile.

I hope you enjoy the pictures <see below>.  For those of you wondering why I posted them.  I just want to give a better idea of why I’ll be spending so little each month out of my grocery budget and in turn taking that money to put towards debt.  I also didn’t want you to come to the conclusion that I was feeding my kids just bread, laundry detergent, pop, etc.  LOL

My main focus of buying foods is to purchase milk & soymilk, produce, breads & meats.  Although on the meat part, we have a whole deer in the deep freezer and I buy alot of lean fresh/frozen ground turkey.  And I plan to pricematch Aldi’s to Walmart on the produce, I buy breads at the bread outlet or I pick up a loaf at CVS or RiteAid where I can get it for free using “up+” rewards or ECBs.

Therefore, I have decided this year to challenge myself even further by only buying items (ie. foods, hba, cleaners, paper products, OTC meds, etc) if it’s FREE or under $1.  If it’s not, I’m gonna pass on it, even though I know that many would still find it a great deal, to me it’s not because I feel that my stockpile is extensive and I am using this rule to help maintain it and not add to it tremendously.  Therefore furthering my budgeting efforts.


5 Responses to Hoarding “Nuts”

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  2. Donna says:

    my goodness! that is a lot of product… I know some things can last for a few years,, but, what about the items that do expire.. do you donate them before that, or do you, as an ex. make 6 cakes and pass them around? you can only go through so many deodorants in a normal usage of time.. chemicals have to break down right? anyway.. wow.. you are a pro at couponing for sure! 🙂

    • Hi Donna! Well, typically I only keep and use the deodorants that myself, hubby and oldest use. The rest are stored in a cool spot in the house so that I can make hba baskets for family and friends during the holidays. I also do ALOT of donating to my local BETA club’s drive and women’s shelters.

  3. cody82414 says:

    Now I think I can learn a think a two from this squirrel! NICE stockpile 🙂

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